Waste to Wear

The smart skin was very interesting, I liked the functional design concept that was discussed. I thought it used a lot of concepts rather than concrete ideas, which helped me to conceptualize my own ideas rather than just focusing on the given products.

The idea of bamboo architecture was really cool, and it was a great ideation of using waste as a resource, and finding a way to make the waste sustainable while curing it in a natural way. I wish I had a better concept for how to use it to in apparel design, especially for such a plentiful of a resource as bamboo. I did a bit of research and they do have a way to take the bamboo and turn it into a sustainable textile. I’m not sure that would, however be more sustainable, since that process isn’t saving us from using something unnatural, since textiles are made from everything from animals, to plants, to even plastic bottles. I think it is important to note how many different things can be used as textiles. The edible spoons are also a great concept, it utilizes industrial ecology. I love that it uses a waste and that it is good for the community, it’s just all around a great idea.

Biophilia is a good concept for creating functional designs that are also environmentally friendly. I think the understanding that’s necessary to use the biological backgrounds as concepts is hard, though. It requires technical knowledge as well as also having a very creative out of the box mind that can conceptualize new ideas from something not related to the final idea.  It’s a very challenging call, but also very necessary since nature can easily do very out of the box concepts that would greatly better our lives while still not producing harm.

I was surprised by firstly the amount that OSU is currently doing in the area of ustainability. I don’t think it’s properly advertised to the students, because as a senior I thought that was something I should know by now. One of the many things I learned in the presentation was how OSU funds student ideas that will help reduce the waste on campus. I liked how the plant recovered aka upcycled the furniture around campus, and his point on the quality of furniture mattering. I thought that recycling the used fabric from the old furniture was a good idea, though, that they have not put into use. Since textiles and apparel is the #2 biggest waste producer on the planet, that’s important for the university to reduce.  Definitely the idea of offering services such as that to the community was good for my future life/ career, since it gives back to the community and also helps keep business local, while also adding profit.


This is a dress out of un-pulped bamboo for a non-textile I conceptualized.

I think my biggest take away this week was playing on the concept of paying attention to waste and what other ways I could use it than simply disposing of it.

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