? Why don’t we practice sustainability more often ?


The smart skin reading was informational, I found it to be unique in the way that it can be made to read a person’s heartrate and check other bodily functions. This smart skin could be used in so many ways, to monitor an athlete during a game, to monitor patients in a hospital, and use it in wear testing to create new products from this.

The TEDtalk about Bamboo was fascinating. This is one of my favorite TEDtalks we’ve watched. Bamboo has so much potential to help our nation; it is lightweight, strength of concrete, earthquake resistant, and has the tensile strength of steel. The only thing holding us back from taking advantage of using bamboo is the way you have to treat it. It takes effort and experimentation to work with a new material. The other TEDtalk about edible spoons hit industrial ecology head on. This concept can help not only our environment, but the people using them. It will give food more flavor and create no waste.

Biophilia is when people interact with the environment and love the living world. Some thoughts I have on biophilia are that it has a lot of potential to be inspire someone. Three patterns of biophilic design are Nature is the Space Patterns, Nature Analogues Patterns, and Nature of the Space of Patterns. These patterns represent different ways nature and humans interact with each other. The patterns can help when trying to understand when of the methods of how the patterns work.

When I first heard we were going to the OSU Sustainability Office I wasn’t very excited, but come to find out I learned a lot. I found out that approximately 75% of OSU is powered by wind. I was also taught that OSU has a refurbishing center for furniture that needs to be fixed, this is an easy way to save money on couches that could potentially cost a lot of money; it helps make them last longer. I also learned that OSU Energy Conservation launched in 2007 and the program has saved over $35million because of it. I also learned that OSU has 26 wind turbines; our school uses this to help power our school. The reupholster room stuck out to me the most; I thought it was cool to hear how they do it. I also find it interesting that furniture made today is much more difficult to recover/fix than old furniture. If our society would slow down a little bit and make furniture to last longer, we would be able to practice sustainability by saving materials. After questioning the men on what they do with the old fabric from the furniture, I would like to brainstorm on ways to do something with the scrap fabric they don’t use. This is an abstract sketch that I put together to reflect the dome we went to visited where all of the card board was piled. It made me sort of sad to see this, the working conditions were sort of harsh and the men working there were working so hard.


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