Blog 5


As a merchandiser my reading was The Impact of In-Store Greenery on Customers. This research reading showed that the use of foliage in the store environment did not bring customers feelings of excitement, but it did bring pleasure and help reduce stress in a store. Personally for me I love greenery and so I think depending on the look, feel, and target market of the particular store I think greenery is a really easy way to go to attract customers. I think the earthy feel of things is also super in right now and a really big trend so I could see the reactions to greenery being more accepted in the time now. For this study they tried things out in a lot of different store set ups to see what the results would be as well. When looking at the pictures attached to the reading I noticed the difference between the two but it was a very settle difference which I think gives the customers ease knowing the greenery is not taking over the merchandise.



I really like that video on bamboo because the stress the speaker put on the thought of using the resources around you I think is something society today is lacking. If you look at the big scheme of things using your resources used to literally be the only way to survive and I feel as if in today’s society our resources are just handed to us. I think if everyone was just able to think in a creative state of mind and not be afraid to think out of the box people would be more resourceful which like the speaker said would turn into something incredible while also being sustainable. The video on edible spoons going into it made me feel very kind of uncomfortable with the concept… of a spoon being able to not only serve as a utensil but also as something you can then proceed to eat. I think what the speaker was ultimately trying to get across with this concept was that we can create things that could serve more than just its main intended purpose. This line of cutlery is all edible, they are wooden looking and made out of rice, wheat, and flour. The reasoning behind wanting to make these utensils is the issue we have of plastic waste not being biodegradable.



Biophilia is the interaction with the environment and the love of the living world. I think it is hard to pin point an exact definition for this word because when reading more about it I notice that it is almost a form of opion or interpretation. I like that the chapels were thrown into this discussion because as a little girl if I decided to get married in a church I always thought this would be really cool because we are getting the outdoor feel while still being inside. The three patterns of biophilic design are nature is the space patterns, nature analogues patterns, and nature of the space of patterns. They all represent the ways nature and humans interact. This patterns can help us better understand the ways we are supposed to be getting in touch with nature to see the methods of nature. The benefits I see us getting out of biophilic design is linked with biomimicry, just through studying the patterns of nature we can find more natural ways to accomplish things.


Sustainability Office Visit:

I was unable to attend the office visit due to an online class test that was scheduled at that time. For the purpose of the blog and just being curious about it I asked my group members what they did and what their thoughts were on it. They thought that it was very interesting, they said they could really see think link between the campus of trying to stay green. The biggest take away they got from the presentation was the opportunities our campus gives to enable the contribution of being green.


Take away:

I think my biggest take away of the week and something that stood out to me most was just the need to make items that serve more than one purpose. The thought that you can invent something that can serve so many purposes that force reduction of products to be made in other areas.

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