My Creative Journey by Myker Thao

Week 5 and 6

On week 5, each day the population of people just kept on adding up in different around us. Moving forward means you have the passion, commitment, and willingness to dream. In this sentence moving forward to me is like reaching my goals toward that dream. Another one is, money in meaning give the heart to move, revive the soul, and delight the senses. To be able to reach that dream I kept my heart moving forward, if not I’m just going to stay at the same position.

On week 6, learned how to understanding challenge, generating ideas, and preparing for action. Understanding the challenge on input, is a situation that needs a clear direction for future opportunities. I went to many opportunities to show my skills into the future by exploring new data and take action on challenges. Also have goals or results that I like to accomplish little by little. Even though obstacles are hard to get through them, it’s easier if I experience them as many as possible to get through that door. It’s okay to fail. To fail means learning how to do it the right way.

High Concept & High Touch

What I get out of this chapter is, high concept and high touch are both totally different way. High concepts are more on the pattern recognizer sides and high touch are empathize. High concepts tends to have artistic and emotional beauty, detect patterns and opportunities, craft a satisfying narrative, and unrelated ideas into novel invention. On the other hand, high touch tends to human interaction, find joy in one’s self into others, stretch beyond quotidian, and pursuit of purpose and meaning.

I’m neither a pattern recognizer nor an empathizer. I become one of these by using different ideas as much as possible and create it as my own. I don’t like the part of me being bored by others but want happiness to others who can smile daily routine. Want to create something new that have not been invented and show others how much I improve by getting my name out there. I don’t like to stick on one design all day long but different creations each day. It would be a hard task but it’s the passion that I like doing.

Kangaroos in Kansas, these three words to me is like a new born baby growing each day to willingness to a dream. Kangaroos are like human who experience difficulty, challenges, and being out there to do what they want to do. They also have a heart that has feelings of emotion that kept them alive. Kangaroos do their jobs to live by teaching their kids how to get knowledge and wise to survive out in the wilds. Just like humans do too, they grow up what they want to do with their life to live on.


Janet Echelman TED Talk

Janet Echelman is someone who talk imagination seriously. When looking at the design of the net, she glance at the detailed designs on it and thought of a sculpture. She used fiber in used of net designs that can blew up in the air that can be able to hold its structure. She then developed a relationship of figuring out how to change the net in an industry. In which she used that design and places in many cities to see. However, got a call from New York City and told her to build the sculpture of the Sky Sculpture into the cities, which was a mission accomplish. She then search for more beauty that could combine with technologies.

Yes, I did experience something like Janet Echelman. Back in my high school year, I was an artistic who love to draw different designs of my own artwork such as realism, animation (anime), and many more. However, my friends have not known that I draw, so one day I showed them the best drawing that I have and they were surprised. By then each person came by one at a time asking me for a copy of my artwork, buy my artwork, or even draw something that they want. I think to myself and said “That was one of my happy moment that I wouldn’t forget about”.

CPS Acticity 2

The use of reactive and proactive design solutions is to address the problems of “plastic bottle waste”. The use of bottles discarded into the environment to come up with a reactive design solution. Creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. React by repurposing the bottles to design a piece of furniture or apparel.

The use of fishbone diagram is very helpful. It’s helpful because showing the cause-effect relationship, the four causes and the two-causes for each cause improves looking at the designs easier to understand. By not understanding the designs by writing it out will be hard and nowhere to solve that one problem. I’m glad that fishbone diagram is created so that I can later on use it daily routine or even in the future me.

Ross Lovegrove TED talk

Ross Lovegrove in TED talk, talk about organic design, inspired by nature. He use his form to show touch in people emotions by trusting his instinct. Translate technology to develop packaging ideas with everyday use. By doing that he used the idea of water bottle designs and create a beautiful artwork by viewing its different form. He uses that form and turn it into nature. Also study 4 years in cooking and is a biological thinking. Creates his first chair out of magnesium and polymer chair by setting out to look at nature form. However, uses the structure of a bone and creates the nature of a chair. Then thought of water droplets and create it into cities car. Works for aircraft and homes decoration. He’s one crazy man! Just kept on thinking new more ideas out there!

My thoughts on fat-free design, is that I was amazed. Building something so unique by just looking at its different structures view combining it with nature is a piece of a beautiful artwork. I would begin thinking uniquely like him when my time comes by. I want to be able to designs my own apparel line that no one had worn or been used multiple times. Also want others to know that there’s someone different out there that can create something new. By doing that, I’m going to take little steps by steps and climb higher towards that dream of mine.



I understand a specific challenge when I actually commitment to do it or willingness to take it. My challenge is to get my name out there of my own apparel line. What I did to understand this challenge is to set a focus of direction for my subsequence of creative problem solving efforts and need new ideas by using my imagination so that I could motivate myself. Tool that I use to brainstorming all of my information is that no one is there to helping my challenges but myself. I myself like to take the risk and try out once to see if it’s good or not. If it’s bad then learning my mistake would even gave me an even bigger experience.

Include a sketch with a description

The sketch that I did below show that no matter how hard that task is there will be someone who will guide and keep watch of you. Later in the future you’re not alone. There will always be someone waiting for you and make you smile. However, it’s not all on that person but it’s you who is willing to work hard for that special person. Also there will be hardships towards your major but whenever you come back home there will always be happiness. Overall the commitment of the task is to work hard no matter how difficult the challenges is. Looking forward in the brighter future is better than being in the same spot.


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