Blog 6


Dr. Armstrong’s lecture was my favorite part of the week.  Seeing how she grew up was cool because I’m sure many of us in class haven’t lived a life like hers.  It seems to me that she grew up being sustainable, without even realizing what skills she was learning.  I loved how she took the time to share how much she believed in the idea of sustainability and I could clearly tell how passionate she was.  She went a step further and re-evaluated her own closet, even.

The Lola Show was a cool way to see how each student related their topic to a specific thing they were interested in. Overall, we learned a lot about industrial ecology and how we can mimic nature and use it to our advantage! I enjoyed seeing the relationship between our sustainability lessons and companies in our industries and how they meshed together.  What stood out to me was the Stickwood presentation that Taylor did.  That is an awesome way to conserve resources and still be completely on trend and looking good in your home or business. With the thin wood panels, it’s exactly like a hardwood floor, but much less wasteful and much thinner, not to mention Stickwood doesn’t use any harsh chemicals in order to apply.  It’s awesome that you could move the pieces around to fit your need.  I learned from the presentation about the blue butterfly as well.  It was cool how the fabric created was actually colorless and has a pretty iridescent color.

The TED 10 were interesting because each group had a different perspective regarding each topic.  The one that stood out to me most was “design to minimize waste”, I think the first one.  The other 2 that I enjoyed were “design that explores clean/better technology” and “design to reduce chemical impacts”.  These 3 can be applied in combination in the interior design field because of things like paint and carpet.  These both involve chemicals to apply and we need to work on a better more technologically

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