Wicked Problems and the Industry

My side on Poverty

Some poor people can’t help that they are where they are, but others could have prevented their situation. I believe that poverty does not degrade the environment, it is apart of the world. Just like an other issue in the world, I believe that the issue can one day improve by others helping out. Some poor people were just raised that way and are doing what they can to survive in this world, while other poor people put themselves there by maybe spending all of their money, or not working as hard as they should have. It all depends on what those people’s stories are. The article we read had two completely different opinions, yes or no. I agree with the no side, where the author explains how people who have more money, have more power than people with less money. This may be wrong, but it’s just how our society is. People who have no money have no say in things, and also have no power in enforcing their ideas. Unlike the poor, wealthy humans have more control, such as in businesses, political views, etc. I believe this because it is reality, if you take a look at the world you don’t see many poor people having their voice heard because wealthy people don’t even care to ask their opinions. I believe that environmental degradation is what leads to poverty because the poor are then vulnerable, giving up, and not making an effort to have their voices heard anymore. The wealthy complain about the poor, but if they helped them out there wouldn’t be an issue anymore. If each business pitched in, made an organization to help out, we could easily improve the society. The environment will never be perfect, but we can always move up and better the world little by little. Fashion is related to the subject of poverty because those who make many of the clothing are part of the lower class. The poor cannot get better, or move up in the world without some help. We don’t realize but the poor does most of the work we don’t want to do. If we didn’t have them, then who would do that work? We are very dependent on the lower class without recognizing it.

Labyrinth Meditation

While walking in the labyrinth, I didn’t have many thoughts. My mind didn’t wander too much like it usually does in the sitting meditations. I actually just lived in the moment, felt the weather, and heard what was going on around me. At the beginning I saw myself rushing a lot, watching the person in front of me and when they were to move next. Towards the end, I would still be standing there just looking off into the distance while the other person moved twice already. Usually during the sitting meditation I worry about something going on in my life, but during this activity I remained completely calm and relaxed. I didn’t have anything going through my head except, “Am I supposed to be thinking about something right now? Why can’t I think of anything?” I enjoyed it much more than the sitting meditation because I would often get distracted. During the labyrinth I was able to feel the wind touching my skin, I heard noises I would never usually recognize, I tried smelling the air but there wasn’t much of a smell other than the nature itself. I would definitely like to try this type of meditation again in the future.

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