The LOLA show was a good study. Even though some people shared topics, it was so diverse that it did not seem like the same topic. I enjoyed learning about different techniques and tips for nature centered design and biomimicry. The person who did the Speedo LOLA show jumped out to me the most because of the idea of imitating sharks skin to make swimming wear more efficient is brilliant. The idea of making swim wear more aerodynamic is a great opportunity for researchers to be inspired by other animals to make our cars, buildings, and possibly even the HVAC systems more energy efficient. Nature does not take energy for other places, it uses the energy it has to function for that day.

The TED 10 were good videos about how we can be better with waste and other things. One that stood out to me was the first one with zero waste. It’s really sad that the factories which make these clothes waste 15% of the fabric. Factories need to learn to reduce their waste by making garments that use all of the fabric. Another way to have zero waste in clothes is knitting and printing. Printing of fabric is a relatively new concept that requires less energy and waste. Chemicals are harsh and they damage the environment. The fashion industry is the worst at having chemical waste. Most of the waste usually happens during the dyeing, treating, and washing process. Designers should use natural dyes and substitutes for bleach and other chemicals that are not natural. If we made small changes like that, then water would be cleaner. Looking at history can always be helpful. If we pause, take a step back at what our ancestors used to do with clothes, then we too would be more sustainable. In this specific TED 10, they think there might be a possible way to genetically alter the genetics of a tree to make garments. If we study history about how garments were made, then we would have a more sustainable design.

Dr. Armstrong had a tough background. The thing that stood out to me most was to have a relationship with your clothes. Just don’t buy clothes to have them, buy the clothes because you love it. Dr. Armstrong also said that she had an entire room as her closet, but she recently cut back and sold most of her clothes and kept the ones that she loved the most. She has a relationship with her clothes. Another thing that stood out to me was her saying she had 9 different personalities within her closet. Once you find the clothes you love, then you should only have one personality. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to sustainable design with fashion.

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