LOLA Show and the Sustainability Guru

I presented this week on the LOLA Show and I think it went extremely well. It was fascinating to see how even the members of my group and myself could pick such diverse topics but relate them to something like biomimicry or nature centered design. Overall, my favorite LOLA Show that I was most intrigued by was Taylor’s presentation on Stikwood. I was unaware that that product and other products like it were on the market. I think that is an accurate representation for the LOLA Show in general, to showcase and make known different alternatives to our current lifestyle choices, products we use, and the spaces we inhabit. It was eye opening to see how integrated industrial ecology and biomimicry is interwoven into so many products and practices, we need only to look to find those principles.  I am very much so looking forward to the other presentations to see what other new things that I can learn about.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Armstrong’s personal story, she has truly made a sustainable lifestyle come to fruition. She has an amazing story, and has such a fluid transition from already sustainable practices to even more sustainable choices. She really inspired me especially with my wardrobe and all of the items in my home, to not only have less, but also to have more meaning. The things we possess and the things we do, explain what we value. Our things are a direct representation of what we support. That’s why it is important for us to shift our values to align with more sustainable practices. The TED10 principles were obviously new, but I found them headed in a great direction. My favorite principle was designs that model nature and history. History has a way of repeating itself, and is a very valuable resource to use, and we all know that nature has a plethora of examples. Both design to minimize waste and to reduce the need to consume could be revolutionary for the future of consumerism. But it can be difficult to look into the future and try to solve all of the world’s problems, to be able to anticipate. Regardless, these principles are a great foundation for potential new designs, for the future.

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