Blog 6

I really enjoyed listening to the other groups LOLA presentations last Monday. I liked how that the groups presenting were from interior design and apparel design because I got to see the differences in findings and how nature centered design, industrial ecology, and Biomimicry are connected. I found Hannah’s presentation to be especially interesting because her topic dramatically decreased waste in manufacturing garments. She presented about a dress that was made of material that consists of different sequences of nylon threads that give the effect of different colors. The idea behind the fabric came from studying the morpho butterfly’s wings. I had no idea the vast amount of waste that is created by dyeing fabrics for production. Hannah’s topic gave one great example of how manufacturing could do without all of the waste when it comes to dyeing.

Dr. Armstrong’s talk was really interesting to me because I did not know what her background was in. It was interesting to see how she entered into the fashion industry at the retail level and then abruptly eschewed the wastefulness and went back to school to study sustainability as it relates to fashion. I also enjoyed hearing her struggles as it comes to an excess of clothing. I find it hard to narrow down my belongings and just have the essentials.
The TED 10 Principles continued to underscore the sustainable themes that we have been learning all semester. My group had the first principle which was to design to minimize waste. We saw this theme taking place in our advanced apparel design course because we decided to add no waste to the list of design criteria for our collection. The next principle was to design for cyclability which could mean upcycling or downcycling an item. In the case of our group line in advanced apparel, we also decided that we wanted to use a majority of fabric from thrift shops to make our garments. So, we would go thrift shopping for existing garments that we liked the fabric of and use that yardage for our new designs. Another principle was to design from models that look to history or nature. In this I immediately thought of Hannah’s LOLA presentation because the fabric that she presented on was inspired by the technology of the morphology butterfly’s wings and coloration.

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