Blog 6


Stikwood panels are ultrathin wood panels made from reclaimed wood.  This product supports nature-centered design and recycling.  It also has safe adhesive and finish free of harmful chemicals.  Stikwood can be used as sports floor, wall covering, ceiling grid, trim or wall art.

Vertical gardens are living wall coverings.  They reduce indoor pollution and are LEED certified.  These gardens decrease fatigue, headaches, sore throats and stress.  They also increase productivity.  All plants are grown in the USA and are sustainable.

Nanosphere textile finishing is inspired by the lotus leaves.  It creates a permanent effect on the surface, repelling oil, water and dirt.  This finish reduces washing and energy use.

Sto-Coat Lotusan exterior paint is also inspired by the lotus leaves.  It mimics the microstructure of the leaves, keeping painted outdoor surfaces clean without using detergent or energy.

What stood out to you?
I loved the idea behind Stickwood.  I would love to use it as décor.

What did you learn?
I have learned that solutions inspired by nature can be extremely beautiful.

Dr. Armstrong

What did you enjoy most from the lecture? Why did you enjoy what you enjoyed?
I enjoyed the pictures from the lecture the most.  I thought they very beautiful.

What did you learn from Dr. Armstrong?
One thing I have learned from the lecture is that knowing yourself well means having less clothes.

TED 10. How do you adopt these principles?

Minimizing waste means production cycle that has few byproducts.  Whatever waste is created by making or using the product, that waste can be reused in turn.  I adopt this principle by recycling whenever possible.

Reduction of chemical impact means creating and choosing products that are made with natural rather than synthetic compounds.  I adopt this principle by choosing cosmetic products that are mostly natural.

Design to reduce energy & water use means creating products and solutions that do not pollute while created and do not require constant upkeep.  Dying and cleaning pollutes soil and water.  I adopt this principle by preferring cleaning products that are labeled as “Earth friendly”.


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