Blog 6

Overall listening to the Lola presentations I heard some great ideas on how we can find alternatives in making things and living in a more sustainable way. To find a new way to do something you just have to think outside of the box and you can literally accomplish anything. During the Lola presentations I found that there were some very interesting ones that I loved learning about. One of my favorite ones was the topic over leather; there were two different ways the presenter discussed finding sustainable ways to use leather and they were to either grow it or use fruits. When growing the leather you are able to grow it into rectangles meaning you can use more of the fabric rather than when you skin the animal. You can use pineapple leaves as well and use it for leather, I found it so cool when they showed a picture of a purse made out of pineapple to make a leather purse. Another favorite top of mine was Speedo using shark skin design to create a swimsuit that can actually make you swim faster. The dental dermal design has actually enhanced the swimsuit so much that the certain Speedo swimsuit is banned from the Olympics.

I thoroughly enjoyed having Dr. Armstrong come and talk to our class. Learning about her background and how she grew up showed me that people really do live in simplicity and do not care about the materialistic world we currently live in. What stood out most to me was when she was talking about how she had to go through her closet because she had so many closets just for her own clothes; to get rid of some of her clothes she figured out which personality she was and she stuck with the clothes that fit that certain personality rather than having a mixture of different style clothing. Going back to her childhood I found it amazing that her family literally picked up and left their nice island to just traveling the U.S and settling in land in Tennessee not even having a house built but basically camped out.

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