Blog 6

The lola show was interesting and talked about sustainable businesses. They were about using a lotus flower to make clothing, alternative leather, speedos, and using leftover yarns and materials to reduce waste. The alternative leather stood out to me the most. It is natural leather without harming animals. It was something I have never heard of and found fascinating. They use collagen cells to produce the leather and also use safe tanning processes on the leather. It also requires less water and energy for the processes.  I would definitely buy this kind of leather because I do not like that leather comes from animals by harming them. But I also love leather shoes and purses. Watching the first lola show was informational and helpful so I know what to look forward to for my presentation.

I was sick on thursday and at the doctor. I did read some of the earlier blogs and review material that was covered and wish I would have been there to hear it.

From reviewing the material, I learned about Dr. Armstrong’s experiences with living a sustainable lifestyle how she traveled around with only what she could take in a truck bed. Considering she used t teach the sustainability course and studied it, and by her talking about it, you can tell she really knows a lot about sustainability and cares for the subject. I also read about consumerism and poverty relating to sustainability. Consumerism is a problem that we have and that would be alleviated by sustainable practices. 3 of the 10 principles that got my attention were 4, 8, 10. 4 was about reducing energy. Energy is used in everything we do. In this industry there are many ways to reduce. 8 was about lessening consumption. This is also something in our industry that is a huge problem. Fast fashion is behind the problem of overconsumption. 10 was about activism and getting out there and supporting the cause of sustainability. If we want change we have to get out there and make it happen.

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