Blog 6

Week 7

On Tuesday some classmates presented their LOLA show presentations about various sustainable efforts that some companies are making. I thought it was cool to hear about real companies that are making real changes/innovations to promote sustainability.

  • One presentation that really stood out to me was about the Morpho Butterfly. She talked about a company that was using biomimicry inspiration from this butterfly and making and dying the fabrics to make beautiful functional garments inspired by it that is a more sustainable solution than traditional means of dying fabrics.
  • Another that stood out to me was the Speedo presentation about how Speedo is using inspiration and biomimicry from sharks and their skin’s texture and properties. These shark inspired swimwear allow for improved movement in water by the wearer.
  • One presenter spoke about a company that is coming up with a sustainable alternative to leather, and is scientifically re creating cultured leather in a lab, so it is the same chemical substance as real leather, however isn’t sourced from harming any animal since it is completely lab grown. I thought that was particularly interesting, and I was interested to hear more about this and how consumers perceive this lab grown leather. It reminds me of a debate about lab grown diamonds, which are the same as real diamonds, but are having a hard time entering the market due to consumers perceptions of them being not real since they aren’t actually dug from the ground, even though they are the same chemical composition and also more sustainable and cheaper.
  • I also was very impressed by the company that was focused on reducing and reusing leftover fabric and yarn. This is something that you don’t think of much as your throwing out just small scraps here and there, but if you imagine how many people do that, and large companies all doing this, all those scraps will really add up and it is something that is very wasteful and can easily be remedied.


On Thursday I was sick and could not attend class but found it interesting to read others blog reflections about Dr. Armstrong’s presentation and am sad I was unable to attend and listen.

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