Blog SIX

First, I would like to point out that I was totally unprepared for my presentation on the LOLA Show. I felt like I talked way too fast and I get really nervous talking in front of people over a subject that I had to research. Secondly, I think that everyone else that presented that day did an amazing job. I learned new things that I had no idea about. Actually, one of my favorites was the Stikwood that Taylor talked about. I had never heard of it before and was very interested in learning more about it. I immediately called my mom as soon as class was over to tell her about it. My family is really big into taking old things and repainting it, giving it a new look, making it into something else. Last year at my house near campus I had a shutter wall behind my bed. The entire wall was covered in shutters of different sizes and colors. So when I saw the Stikwood I instantly thought to tell my mom because she is redoing her living room. I thought that the wood would be a great accent wall in my mothers house and she definitely thought the same thing. I like the whole concept of it being sustainable and reclaimed wood. Also, It’s fast and cost effective! Nothing gets better than that.

I really enjoyed hearing Dr. Armstrong speak about her life. It is amazing how fast a persons life can change. She lived like an Upper Middle Class kid and then it was all gone. The fact that she lived the way she did and still made it out and went to college is really eye opening. It really brings a whole new meaning to chasing your dreams and goals no matter what type of situation you’re in. She is honestly an inspiration! The Ted talks were ok this week, I like the other ones better but one that my group had to do was the Design for Cyclability. A person can make furniture but it would be hard to make it 100% of one certain material because you have to think of comfort and will someone buy it and things like that. The design that looks at models from nature and history are pretty cool! The way that they take form is really cool! At this point in my life I have no adopted any of these principles but I can always start by being more sustainable!

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