fashion and poverty and sustainability, oh my!

This week we talked about a few, very different things.  first, we talked about fashion and how it affects sustainability. I believe that fashion in design affects our values soaringly, because it’s constantly changing and requiring new materials while the old products just go to waste, and BECOME (harmful) waste. I think we either need to make fashion trends last longer, even though that would result in a loss of jobs for the employees who design and produce the clothing. Or we need to come up with a way that makes the old fashion materials biodegradable, or useful in some other way.

We also talked about poverty and if it’s a wicked problem or not. In my opinion, i leaned very far towards the no author. I know that the poor have a lack of resources and sanitation, but usually their jobs involve taking orders from their corporation, and the corporate is who is causing the wicked problem, people in poverty have no choice or control in that. also, someone in poverty could very wells have the solution to a wicked problem, and would never be heard because they have no power, but that’s just my side of it.

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