Fashion & Poverty

In this past week of class, many topics were discussed in which included fashion and poverty.  These topics could be compared with each other or differentiated in many ways. In my eyes, fashion has the ability to make lives better for those who live in poverty. I am not saying fashion is the key to ending poverty but it is a small beneficial factor. Poverty is defined as people who are considered “poor” or have very little to live off of including food, clothing, education, housing, etc. The word fashion has many aspects to it but it is still all about clothing. In relation, clothing will be able to keep those in poverty safe, warm, and give them a chance to express their personality with clothes. There should be organizations or companies that provide clothes for the people in poverty. I do not know whether there are organizations out there that help give those in poverty clothing but it would be really cool if there was. If there is, then why haven’t they been talked about as much?

When the two terms are differentiated, poverty is its own topic just like fashion is as well. Poverty is a not just an issue in America but a GLOBAL issue. In class, we talked about whether poverty is or isn’t a factor of environmental degradation or vice versa. A lot of views were expressed during our discussion but one topic I remember discussing was about indigenous people in relation to poverty and environmental degradation. Growing up as a Native American, I was taught about my culture and its history and I can definitely say that there are Native people out in the world who live in poverty and are facing many problems such as poverty or environmental degradation. Us natives consider our “land” to be sacred and to not be disturbed or destroyed because it is something we value. If taken away from us or destroyed for other purposes such as building new buildings, inserting new pipelines or whatever it is, then that’s creating not only more problems for the people that rely on that land but for the Earth as well. That is destruction to the planet and I believe that the cause of environmental degradation is from the big corporations that destroy the environment for personal use.

The other topic we discussed was the concept of fashion. Fashion is a something many people possess whether it be the new current trend or one they have created on their own. Fashion is way to express yourselves through what you wear and kind of showcase your personality. Fashion is always changing, year to year and new trends or fads are coming and going all the time. Fashion is indefinite. In the article we read about fashion and sustainability, I believe that fashion is able to become sustainable when the right person is willing to take that step forward towards sustainability. Consumers are buying clothes, every minute, all over the world but that’s not the problem. The problem is that we buy clothes, cheap and/or expensive, that are only able to be worn a couple times, that’s it! What do we do when it becomes too worn out or isn’t considered fashionable anymore? We throw it out. If we make fashion more sustainable and able to survive longevity than we are helping the earth and we get to keep our clothes a while longer.

In conclusion…

Sustainability in fashion = longevity in clothing and helping the earth.

Major Companies = environmental degradation/poverty.

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