I thought the first week of the LOLA SHOW presentations went overall very well. There were some incredibly innovative and interesting concepts presented.

  • One in particular that I found to be interested was a group 1 presentation on leather and a natural substitute to it. As she said in her report, it is a lot better explained by someone with a heavy background in science, but in simple terms it sounds like we are able to produce genuine leather by means of science without having to harm any animals in the process.
  • Another interesting presentation was the effects that the dying process of textiles has on our environment. One statistic I took from the presentation was that there is 16-20 liters of water used in the process and a solution to this problem comes from a biomimicry approach that allows us to look at the structure of a morpho butterfly’s scaled skin and use that as a possible substitution for dying textiles.
  • One of my favorite presentations was about the Speedo swimwear that was inspired by shark skin. It is such a simple example of biomimicry. It allows its wearer to experience more fluid movement through swimming and has apparently made its mark with numerous experienced swimmers.
  • The last presentation I wish to talk about is the stickwood presentation. This was a solution to the extensive use and disposal of wood. It is a product made from recycled wood with a back that peels off for easy use. I think this is a sustainable option that hits home with our demographic because this could be a sustainable way to continue interior design while maintaining easy application and high quality looks.

All of these presentations stood out to me as innovative ways to change what we are doing while still maintaining our quality or way of life.

Dr. Armstrong

Dr. Armstrong’s life has been so different from our “norm” that I think we were lucky to be able to hear her recount it first hand. To have such a different lifestyle from a very young and impressionable age must have been tough for her to deal with at the time, but I could see from her presentation that she is very happy that it has made her that way she is today which seems to be very open minded and conscious of the issues of our planet. I have never before considered meditation as something I’d like to practice, but that exercise she administered definitely made me realize that, while I don’t think I will practice meditation regularly, it is very easy to forget that we are able to just take a second to ourselves and focus on the noises happening around us or a certain issue that we are dealing with and just let our minds uncomplicate the situation. It was enlightening. Dr. Armstrong showed she does not regret or devalue the way she grew up, but she chose rather to learn from it and allow it to shape her passion for sustainability.

TED 10

  • TED 4 was reduce energy which I think is something we have touched on a few times in this class so far. It basically discussed our energy consumption and how our use of so much energy for processes such as washing our clothes needs to be lowered. This is a relative issue because all of us wash and dry our clothes regularly which means all of us could possibly reduce the amount of energy by washing less per week or air drying our clothing
  • TED 8 discussed lessening the need to consume. I think of all sustainability concepts, this might be the hardest for our age group to decide to change. We all are obviously into fashion, so we are very used to, and enjoy, purchasing merchandise despite how wasteful it is or harmful to the environment.
  • TED 10 was about activism. I very much believe that sustainability will not become a huge issue until it gets out to the masses that our planet is in danger if we are not able to change our ways. I don’t believe activism should start at a political level, because I think that is an easy was for the issue to be seen as a joke, but if we were able to present a visual or a proven study to a majority of the population, we could possibly begin a big enough change to reverse our destruction of our planet.
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