Nourishing the World!

This week I had the opportunity to present in the Lola Show, I presented about Stikwood, which is a reusable wood material with natural adhesive that you can peel and stick to the wall, floor, or ceiling. What really stood out to me during the Lola Show was the Schoeller textile presentation, basically following the characteristics of the Lotus flower. I learned that applying this “nanosphere” technology would repel stains, become dirt resistance, would be less of a hassle, and more sustainable to everyday activity. I thought this was a great idea and would work well on any piece of clothing I own. I really enjoyed hearing Dr. Armstrong’s lecture. I admire her look on life on how to be more sustainable. It was so interesting for me to see that because of the way she was raised, (living on the bare minimum), she was able to live more sustainable in her adult life and provide a more structured way of living off of the necessities! It opened my eyes to donate my clothes that I don’t wear every day and absolutely love and to donate my unused furniture pieces to be reused for someone that needs them more than I do.

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