Poverty & Fashion

This Past week we discussed how fashion is sustainable in our society and if poverty is a factor of our environmental degradation. Fashion moves fast, trends come and go, it’s a never ending cycle though. Personally fashion is sustainable being the way people thrift shop and hand down clothing but using recyclable materials is also a better way of making fashion sustainable. The recreation of clothes or putting my own edit on an old jean jacket that my grandparents gave me helps me keep my clothes sustainable but putting actual recycled material into clothing like Bionic yarns, a company lead by Pharrell Williams, who break down the plastic waste in the ocean into strains that are able to be sewn into clothing to make it more sustainable and last longer. Yes, this practice may be expensive, but manufacturing and designing clothing with recyclable materials would make the fashion world more sustainable and little to no risk of harm to our environment. Yes, slowly developing new ways to make fashion more sustainable, as the author mentioned, is a good idea but that would put us behind with fashion moving so rapid. I wouldn’t agree with this idea. I say that should be the main focus of designers when they design new garments they could use their same designs and incorporate the sustainable material that would help protect our environment.

Poverty and how it effects economic degradation came up on Thursday, after our enjoyable walk through the labyrinth. The labyrinth was new to me. Kind of an odd practice of mindfulness. The walk made it hard to stay focus on certain things but helped me notice the world around us like the birds chirping or the cars passing by. I prefer the mindful practices before better but I’m willing to step out of my confront zone and try new things. The poverty in our society is not the cause of our environmental degradation. Yes, poorer areas in our nation will use more of the environmental resources or pollute our environment more but when “going Green” is so expensive you can’t blame them. They were raised in that society. The wealthy are just as much to blame maybe even more to blame. They have the money to put into creating new ways to sustain our environment but are greedy and like to keep it for themselves. So the selfishness is the issue not the amount of money someone has if someone’s willing to do their part in their own way then that’s how we are going to keep our resources sustainable. I believe the wealthy should work with the poor and see what’s needed to be done to use less economic resources.

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