Poverty Vs. Sustainability


This is the last week of a class that I had no idea of what I was going in to. I’ve learned so much about mindfulness, sustainability and how the world views what’s important and what’s not. This class broadened my thought process and made me more mindful. Last week we talked about how people in poverty cause degradation and how people in higher classes or corporations also are in that mix. We read an article on this topic and i was in between both authors. One author saying that poverty is the cause and one saying the opposite. I believe they both play a role. People in poverty don’t really have a choice but to use the resources they are given. People are born with little resources and have to make do with what they have but on the other hand they can work hard to better their selves in getting good jobs and educating themselves. I also believe that people of higher classes should help people in poverty. You would never think that the next Einstein was someone in poverty but was stuck because the lack of money or location.

Big corporations should invest and rebuild areas that lack resources. It’s hard to sustain something that you barely have. Saying that Higher classes of people or businesses should go in and try to help and people of poverty need to change their mindset of being prideful and get the help they need. Many agricultural people aren’t going to want to do something new. That’s why you have to find some way that would benefit them and also the people around them gaining profit and sustaining resources. On the other side an author was arguing how higher class/big corporations are also causing degradation. Using up resources and then using up more resources. From clothes to new technology we are using up and not putting any of the resources back in. This causing pollution and poverty. I think in order for us to sustain resources, everyone needs to know that we all play a roll. We can’t use up all resources or we will lack and become like Easter Island.


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