Stealing Nature’s Design

I think the LOLA shows are really interesting. It’s cool to know what new (or new to us) products and projects are going on and what impact that have. Learning about all these different sustainable ideas are informing of us more and more of what we can do to be more sustainable in our career and to teach everyone else to be more knowledgeable of the topic.

I enjoyed hearing about the Biophilic design on the work environment. It’s always nice to see what positiveness it has to offer no matter the location it’s placed. I think the LOLA topic on Speedo and their shark designed swimwear was the one that stood out to me the most. Like the fact that it’s so good it’s banned from the Olympics? I think that’s very exciting.  The LOLA topic on Stikwood was fun to learn about. I didn’t know that type of product existed. It was nice to learn something new for ID. I feel like it should be used more in our field.

I always thought ECO-Design was interesting. To see what nature can do so easily and for us to try to mimic is with science and other methods is almost a little humorous.

I thought Dr. Armstrong’s speech was very fascinating. I liked how she took everything back to her childhood and showed us the pictures of everything. It made it more real. It shows that having almost nothing and going through a financial struggle like she did will only make you appreciate what you have more and to make the most of it. She shared with us her life story in hope to have an affect on us with the sustainable world. She even included her life today with the her parent’s house being done and her niece meditating in front of it. Proving everything will be alright in the end.


The three of the TED 10 that I will be reflecting on are Design for Recyclability, Design to Reduce Chemical Impact, and Design to Reduce Energy and Water Use. I think designing for recyclability goes hand in hand with sustainability. For example things that are more biodegradable or that can be more easily recycled, aka: better for the environment. Design to reduce chemical impact is also important for the environment. Especially for the people in our field, VOCs are becoming more workable. We’re creating better paints with less VOCs are other ways to go around it/lessen it. For Design to Reduce Energy and Water, it would be easier to work with solar panels to create more energy to work with so it’s less harsh. For the water part I feel like it can possibly be filter or some sort of system to help re-use the water instead of just taking it all for work.

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