Sustainability is Key


We just finished our third week of class and our final week is quickly approaching! This previous week we discussed two topics: Fashion and Sustainability, and the question of, ‘Is Poverty Responsible for Global Environmental Degradation?’

The discussion over sustainability and fashion has been the easiest for me to relate to, just because it is something I enjoy. The overall message I took from the reading was that sustainability in fashion can only happen if designers are able to increase a products usefulness, and get creative with long lasting product use. I think this case would be difficult to enforce for many reasons, first being that fashion IS change, it almost seems as though its something new every single day. Secondly, it would be hard on designers to think so out of their comfort zones that they wouldn’t be able to use resources they are so accustomed to. Lastly, what if the public doesn’t adhere to these new ideas well? Considering they would be very different and unlike anything we’ve probably ever seen in fashion. Although I believe if the public were aware of the danger they are causing on the environment by simply spoiling themselves with these materialistic things, they might respond better to the change to a more sustainable way of thinking in fashion. This will require creativity of designers, innovation, and whatever we produce must be putting little burden on the planet.

The second reading we tackled was another taking sides over poverty in global environmental degradation. Environmental Degradation is the loss in environmental quality from pollutants and other activities and processes such as improper land use and natural disasters. This was another topic that just made my head spin with all the opinions and depth to the conversations. Ultimately, I think blaming the poor for environmental degradation is just a coping mechanism for those who wont take the blame themselves. The statement I agreed with most in the reading was, “the non-poor, commercial companies, and state agencies actually cause majority of environmental damage through land clearing, agro-chemical water appropriation and pollution.” This just proves the point that poverty is not the cause of this damage to the environment. Although I do believe that by helping the poor, we could improve the environment in other significant ways such as giving them jobs to help the problem, and creating other incentives.

This week it was a little easier for the class to all agree on these two readings and what it is that needs to happen to create sustainability and prevent more environmental damage. Another thing I enjoyed about class was getting to go explore the Labyrinth and have class outside. I found it a little more difficult to clear my mind while walking through the Labyrinth, but I was able to feel very relaxed and aware of my surroundings. Overall, it was a cool, new experience.





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