The Journey Proceeds

This week in class we spoke of sustainability in fashion, poverty and its effect on the environment, and the meditative qualities of Labyrinths.

The excerpt about sustainability in fashion was an interesting read simply because it gave me a broader understanding of what fashion really is at its core roots and values. It explained that modern human creativity in fashion is currently more destructive than it has to be and needs to be reformed around more sustainable core principles that don’t promote the wasting of resources, pollution, or consumerism. My personal favorite point the author made was when he said that change is going to happen incrementally and hopefully grow congruently with sustainable thinking.

Poverty and its influence on global degradation was an interesting topic to learn and debate. I definitely feel strongly that poverty has a strong influence on environmental degradation because when a human being doesn’t have money that means they have no economical options. My classic example (having seen this myself) is when a family simply doesn’t have the money to better themselves by buying safer, nicer, and better manufactured/produced things or have the access to more sustainable services such as recycling. Industry continues to pollute and practice unsustainable behaviors just to put out a product so cheap that those in poverty have no choice but to buy them.

Labyrinth meditation on the other hand was the highlight of my week in class. Walking from point a to point b and taking a moment to breathe in the clean air and feel the sun on my skin really left me with a clear mind. having class outside was one of my greatest experiences of this semester as well, simply because I really enjoy the outdoors. I can’t believe week three is already over.

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