Blog 7:

Blog 7

My sustainability so far has I would say not really been a journey, but more of a learning experience. I’ve only learned about what the word “sustainability” actually means and the sections of it as well. So I’m no expert, more like I clicked “beginner” on a game system or a trial period of Adobe Creative Cloud and am watching the tutorial videos and learning what individual section does and how or why it can help me in the long run if I watch, learn, and understand the takeaways from each lesson. I love learning new things that are on a realistic level and can be applied to not only my life but be able to extend that helping hand to a Fashion Company on implementing this idea. I’m also a little taken back on this new thing as well. I feel that sometimes it is a little forced like “hey, you NEED to be doing this or we’re all gonna die”………no, I don’t need to do anything I do not want to do, but we’re all going to die anyways, soooooo what’s the problem. I remember when people were so stuck up the idea of recycling everything known to man. Yes, it is there and people know about the idea, but not everybody will do it nor want to do it because it takes energy and time to do all of that, which- including me- don’t have time for, and I need all the time I can get it. I do feel that sustainability and the different parts/sections underneath it, not many people know about. It’s almost like recycling and sustainability are in two different spectrums and should be treated as such, rather than being treated as if they were cousins or sisters/brothers benefiting one another. My experiences of sustainability are being in my classes that promote sustainability and doing the projects with my learning communities that involve it- I know it’s not a lot, but hey I have to start somewhere right, remember like a simulation game, I’m starting out as beginner.

What was new to me was how much tons of waste people go through on a daily basis that add up to being in a year. That’s a lot and it’s kind of upsetting and grossly confusing on why there is so much textile, fiber, clothing, etc, waste in this world that we don’t re-use it to better the people who are homeless, who don’t have or who are without when it comes to environmental disasters or just shit, being HOMELESS.

The video of the guy making edible cutlery-BRILLANT! That was definitely new to me and came to my surprise once I saw the title. Because I can tell you now that I hate going to Walmart and having to be dish detergent or soap and washing dishes, so the easiest thing to do for me is go up the street to Dollar Tree and buy a pack of 100 of plastic cutlery and then throw it away. That guy is a genius for recognizing a major problem of pollution and coming up with a creative idea to fix it.

My favorite concept is honestly Biomimicry. I find that it is so beautiful and such a creative concept to want to do better and want to be better. It’s not that were imitating or making fun of nature for what is going on/what is already developed, we are jealous of how high tech nature is in solving their own problems without dangering or using up anything and it’s so gentle about it too- we’re just mimicking at awe at such creators, innovator and problem solvers nature is- including all the parts of nature to, trees, roots, grass, bugs, animals, etc. It’s that Biomimicry is learning from and then emulating natural forms, processes, and ecosystems to create more sustainable designs. (At least biomimicry wants to go hand and hand with sustainability). The core idea of it all is that nature has already solved many of the problems we as humans are grappling with: energy, food production, climate control, transportation, collaboration, and many many more problems. By mimicking these earthy problem solvers/designers, people can finally unsip that tea of theirs and work as a system to create conditions conducive to life. Like, whoever heard of shark-inspired antibacterials that don’t encourage resistance or a nautilus inspired fan that minimizes energy use and cuts NOISE- how cool are we. The concept is so intelligent- snaps, claps, and kudos to Janine Benyus.

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