Affective or Effective

Sustainability Journey thus far


My sustainability journey thus far has expanded as the duration of this course continues. I have learned so much about living more of a sustainable life. I did not know that there were so many problems with the fashion industry from production,etc. It is important that as rookies in this industry that we create more sustainable designs and that we continue to lead by example. I must admit that I have not made any drastic changes in my everyday life but as I continue to learn more about sustainability I am gradually becoming more open about the idea. I have not made any drastic changes that I can admit to beside a few things here and there. I learned to turn the water off while I am brushing my teeth.  I also made it an effort to start recycling more. But  I am learning to think more about sustainability than I have ever had before.


Short Narrative


What I learned in the class that really stood out to me the most will have to be the terms cradle to cradle, upscaling,and downscaling. These terms have had more of an impact on my life.Just last week I decided to turn a pair of my old jeans that I no longer wear into chokers for my sisters as well as myself. I was going to go out and buy some chokers that were already constricted but I decided that it will be more sustainable if I used some of my jeans that I no longer wear anymore. I am learning to shop less and to learn how to make things myself that way it can be more personalized and have meaning.


What was new to me


I did not know that there was different phases to empathic design. The four phases were discovery,immersion,connection, and detachment. I thought that empathic designer just simply put themselves in the person shoes for who they are designer. I did not know that the process consists of several steps and order to accomplish the goal of creating an empathic design. The designer has to make sure that they make a connection with the user,entering the user’s world, reflect and understand, and last but not least the designer has to disconnect in order create the user’s designs. These steps are crucial and it can make a huge impact on the creation of a design.


Concepts that Stood out 


The concepts that stood out the most to me this week will have to be affective and cognitive components. These two concepts are quite different but they both tie together. I wanted to acquire more information on these two terms because I found that they could help me better understand people and the way people think.  I research and discovered that “attitude is made up of three components: affective (feelings and emotions about the attitude object), behavioral (the behavior one exhibits when faced with the object) and cognitive (the thoughts and beliefs one has about the object)”(Noel,2016).Affective components deals with emotional response and feelings. While, cognitive component deals with understanding and perspective. I feel as though some days I tend to use more of the affective component while other days I can relate more to the cognitive side.

Do you think people have the ability to tap into both affective and cognitive components? Or are there limitations regarding the two terms?


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