So Far Sustainable


I’ve been learning so much about sustainability this far in the course. It has been slightly difficult for me to relate as a merchandising major, because this seems to be a class geared more towards sustainability within design, but I think watching the 11th hour movie alone was such an eye opening part of my sustainability journey. I think it would have been much easier to separate myself from the issues of global warming and deforestation and landfill waste had I not seen a movie that explained why we are the problem and the consequences of our current actions. I am having a problem justifying cutting down my retail consumption, because fashion and clothing is something that I enjoy so much and it is difficult to stop buying the clothes I like when new trends are out.

New or Surprising

Honestly, I have a very general example of what has been surprising to me within this course, but I have been very surprised by the amount of people who are aware and designing for sustainability. I didn’t know that there were so many people not only conscious of the issues with our planet, but are actively innovating and designing in order to change it. I think, because I was unaware, I assumed that so many others were as well, and I still believe that to be true, but it is reassuring to know that we have designers and inventors that are dedicating their work to making our world more inhabitable .

Interesting Concepts

The Lola Show has been interesting so far because it has been enlightening to actually learn about specific companies or individuals and the products they have come up with as they relate to biomimicry, sustainability, or even empathic design. I’ve reflected on this before, but the Lola Show about the Speedo swimwear that they mimicked from a shark has really stuck in my mind. It was very innovative. Also, it not only touched on biomimicry but also empathic design, as it needed to address swimmers needs for speed and fluid motion in the water.

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