A fast and furious sustainability journey

My Sustainability Journey

So far my sustainability journey has been enlightening and extremely interesting. Before taking this course I would say that I had a very surface level idea of what sustainability is. I knew that we should reduce, reuse, and recycle, but I had no idea the severity of the cause. Since this course began I talk about sustainability all the time. I am learning so much so quickly, and I am kind of a fun facts (or not so fun facts) junky, so I often find myself starting sentences with “So, today in sustainability I learned that…” or “Guess what I learned in sustainability today.” I have said before that I think the main reason people are not on board with sustainability is because they do not really know what is happening to earth and how humans are destroying is little by little. I want to make sure that I am not part of the reason that people do not know about the issues, so, I am doing my best to tell my friends and family the things that I am learning so that they too can do their part to save the planet and make it livable for generations to come.

New and Surprising Concepts

            Most of what we are learning is new to me, but I cannot say after learning about the issues the world is facing that much of it comes as a surprise. I remember when we watched the 11th hour I was dumbfounded by a lot of the information I was hearing and was honestly a little scared about what I was hearing, but now that we have really started to discuss the issues the earth is facing, things do not come as a surprise to me as much. I think once you start learning about sustainability it all kind of falls into place. Not being sustainable is a domino effect. One bad decision for earth leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to another… Now we are the point that we need the domino effect of sustainability to begin so that the earth can start trying to heal itself from the earth of misuse.

What I Found Most Interesting

            The concepts that I have enjoyed learning about the most and have found the most interesting are biomimicry and biophilia. I think the idea of mimicking nature in design should be the most prevalent way to design. If nature has a way of doing something all on its own, then why not try to do it the same way? Also, I think it is so important to remember nature when designing a space. I know for me personally I am the happiest when I can be outside and in nature, so if I were to someday work in an environment that had a nature centered design, I image that would make my work days much happier and easier.

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