One Wicked Coming to an End

Although these past four weeks in this course have definitely had its ups and downs, I learned quite a few things that I wasn’t aware of beforehand. When I first heard the words “wicked problem,” I was thinking in my head, “what is this lady talking about?” Now I can clearly define a wicked problem. I have talked to a couple people about this class, telling them it was about wicked problems. They looked at me like I was insane. I explained that it was about environmental issues that aren’t short term, not having a clear solution to the problem. After explaining, they felt more interested and asked more, which I was pleased to keep talking about. After reading many articles, and taking thorough notes about each subject, I felt I learned more about some issues that I had never even thought of before. I wrote my report on animal welfare, and didn’t realize the effects of just buying a product impacts animals. Lately, I’ve seen myself actually reading the labels of things to see what I am using and what effects it has on the world. Something that really stood out to me in this course was the effects poverty had on the environment. I have never thought deeply about this before, but after looking into it more, I realize we truly rely on the impoverished. They do the work that we do not want to do. If it weren’t them, that could possibly be us instead. I enjoyed this course more than I thought I was going to. I actually liked taking notes on most of the articles we read. Towards the end of the course, I actually start to think about things more when I decide to do something. I truly enjoyed the different meditation practices we did throughout the course. I have never tried this before, so this was quite different for me at first, but it really helped me to clear my head and be more confident in myself and my decisions. After this class, I saw myself less stressed out, not thinking about what I had to do next.

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