Change The World

I can’t believe Wicked Problems is already over. I must admit that before entering this class I was very skeptical. Why do I need to take a class over sustainable thinking? Why should it be my job to worry about big problems I can’t solve? Why is she talking about meditation so much? All these questions and more flew through my head before I really understood what was happening and why emphasis is placed on these seemingly inconspicuous issues. My mindset and attitude towards the world, our environment, (and the class) have changed so much over the course of these four weeks for the better.

I now understand the importance of being mindful through meditation, and even just in general. The importance of recognizing a situation or issue before applying judgement or emotion to it doesn’t only apply to solving wicked problems, it applies to our every day life. Being aware of what’s happening in the world around you environmentally, politically & just in general is another thing that I have learned through this class. Listening to peer debates and conversations about each particular reading has been eye opening and informative. Reading the articles themselves provides me with good information and food for thought to better me in how I see life. Last but not least, working on the investigative report really held a magnifying glass up to the practices and impacts of the textile industry. I have now read multiple extensive sources about the effects of water pollution, the footprint of textile production, and theories on how to implement change. Sure I learned about these things that I seemingly can’t make a difference in but that’s not what this class taught me or even what the most important point of this is. The most important thing that this class does is make all of us aware of the world, give us empowering knowledge about the truth of how things work, and to teach one kid at a time that together we can change the world.


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