Inspire and Encourage.

The word sustainability has a different meaning to me already and it is only the middle of the semester.  Living sustainably is more than reducing, reusing, and recycling.  It is also using what you have already to make the most of what you want.  All around the world, millions of people have no idea where their wastes are going or what happens to them after they are done using their products.  Many materials just stay in landfills forever and never decompose and just pollute the earth.  There are some people making changes now.  With solutions such as biodegradable spoons and toothbrushes, there are a select few that see not living sustainably as an issue.  Not enough people, however, are aware of this abuse to the earth.  We need to be on nature’s side and treat what few resources we have left with utmost respect.  We should be responsible enough to make a change and inspire others while doing so.   Only items that can be re-purposed and have a cradle to cradle life cycle process should be used.  In my personal opinion, I believe there should be more organizations and communities that encourage sustainable living.  It is too rare when I hear of a community living completely sustainable.  They are too far apart.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a sustainable community everywhere you turned? Before I took this class on sustainability, I never knew these kinds of issues even existed.  Now, I am watching what I use and lecturing those around me before they dispose of wastes.  Influence goes a long way.  It is time we start to encourage and inspire those around us to live a more sustainable lifestyle!

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