Keep it in the Back of Your Mind

Over my sustainability journey through this course, I have learned of many new issues and many new solutions.  I never used to do mindful meditation but this class has opened my eyes to an experience I can use in my daily life. I came into this class not really knowing what to expect, but now I have definitely learned a thing or two. Sometimes it’s hard to realize what is really happening around you until someone shows you what’s under the surface of the water.

First of all, I have to say that the mindful meditations we’ve done really did help my busy Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I could clear my mind for a few minutes and only think about that moment.  And not stress about what other classes I had that day or any homework or tests.  The mindful meditations really helped me focus on the present and not the past or the future.  I will try and continue to use mindful meditations as most often as possible.

I never knew that the fashion industry impacted the environment as much as it really does.  I learned that there are so many more companies that do know what is going on and have started to do something about it.  We are making small steps towards sustainability, and if we keep improving slowly but surely it is possible.  This class has shown me an array of issues and solutions. I’ve really found myself interested in wondering about all the new ways of creating sustainability and the new fashions to come.  For example; will we create a line of sustainable clothes that will look sustainable? or will they look like normal clothes?  Will we be carrying around plastic bottle bags? Or will it be more discreet?  These questions will be answered in time with the free market, by the vote of the consumer.

From now on I will always remember what a wicked problem is, and not just wonder why this class is called wicked problems.  I know these problems have a deeper meaning under the surface, there are always direct and indirect drivers.  We might always have wicked problems, but hopefully one day the environment will have nothing to do with those issues.  From now on I feel that I will try to always keep sustainability in the back of my mind ,and to remember it if I’m ever in a situation that my choice will impact the environment in some way.

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