Lets Make a Difference

As we close up our last week of DHM 1101, I reflect back on my feelings towards mindfulness, and mindfulness meditation at the beginning and the end. When I first learned we would be meditating before starting class, I must admit I was a little taken back and confused, because I had never heard of doing that in a college class setting. Although as the weeks went on and I got further into the practice of meditation, I found it easier for myself to clear my mind of distractions and focus in. I feel like by doing so, I was able to feel much more relaxed throughout my day. I can’t say I will make mindful meditation a habit of mine, but I do believe it has its different benefits depending on the person.

My biggest take away from the Wicked Problems class was the idea of sustainability. After learning about just how much our Earth is failing and declining due to our actions, I can’t help but get anxious about being sustainable and watching what I do that contradicts that. The scariest part of the whole idea is that if everyone doesn’t due their part in sustaining the Earth, it will decline quicker and quicker and our home will eventually be nothing. I think the best ways that I can personally be sustainable is by watching what I buy, since I have such a big shopping problem, I know I could make the slightest difference by being more aware of what I am spending my money on. Also by spreading the word of sustainability. Even though I don’t take part in things like deforestation, polluting the air, endangering the ocean, and much more, doesn’t mean I’m not able to make a difference by spreading the word to those who do. I realize that we live in a stubborn, selfish society, but I’m a true believer in the fact that if we make those aware of the things they are doing to their own home, and the consequences, they might listen and take part in living a sustainable lifestyle.

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