Blog 7

This week in advanced apparel assembly a lot of our discussions had to do with the the themes that we have been learning in sustainability this semester. We had been talking about making our ensembles for the line completely out of recycled fabrics that were either from old clothing or fabric that we would buy at thrift stores or donate from our own closets. As a class we sorted through a bunch of donated fabric and picked out some that would be useful in the line. We then took those fabrics and decided whether or not to dye or alter their appearance somehow to fit in with our color scheme. One fabric was a blend of tweed with a lot of different colored yarns interwoven. We completely changed the appearance by dyeing it blue and making it more of a monochromatic fabric. This process of repurposing old fabrics and clothing delved into the idea of cradle to cradle. We took things that were otherwise going to be thrown away and recycled them into our design work.

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