Blog 7

Blog 7 Kayla Pinard

So far my sustainability journey has been a learning experience. Like I have mentioned in previous weeks, I know the bare minimum when it comes to sustainability but now that we have been discussing it for several weeks, my knowledge has increased. I truly have enjoyed learning about biomimicry and how it affects the surrounding environment along with the individuals. I also really enjoyed when we took the class field trip to the botanical gardens and had t related nature to our specific major. I also really enjoyed when we visited the garbage/recycling plant because I had no idea how much OSU is doing to help make our school more sustainable. I am very happy that I attend a school that works so hard to be sustainable. One of the concepts that I enjoyed the most was cradle to cradle. I love that fact that people try to create an efficient way of production that is sustainable but also waste free. For example, the edible spoon is an amazing invention because once you are done with it you can eat it and there is no waste. I think it is so interesting when people find a problem and then create a sustainable product to fix that problem. I hope to one day be apart of a sustainable idea or invention.

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