Blog 7

So far during this class I have learned many things about what it means to be sustainable in the work place and in my personal life as well. Being more sustainable does not require you to make very drastic life changes, it can be simply that you choose to get a recycling bin at your house or that you remember to turn off all the lights when you leave the house. In the future I want to become more aware of the things that I do in my life that can have a negative affect on the environment. I would like to take the approach to using more of the downsizing aspect of clothes. I think the points that Dr. Armstrong made in her lecture really made an impact on me. I would like to take the time to go through all of my clothes and decide what I do not need any more. I will try to be more conscious of the clothes that I buy because I do think that having clothes that you can wear over and over again but still being able to make new outfits with is important. One of the things that came to a surprise to me was in one of the articles that we read it talked about how people feel calmer in a store that is crowded but has greenery. This was interesting to me because I would have thought that a store that is less crowded and not packed full of merchandise, but still had greenery would make people feel more at ease. It is interesting what a little bit of nature can do for people.


The concept that I have found to be the most interesting to me is the biomimicry. I enjoy being in nature and being outside so this is a concept that interests me. I like it because I think it can apply so much to peoples lives. If people would stop and think about how nature does things, it would help them to understand. The way that nature takes care of itself and protects itself can be a model. I believe that there are so many things that can be taken away from nature. I like how nature can influence the way a building looks, different colors that are used in a dress, or even how the solar panels are influenced by how plants use the sun. With biomimicry there is always a more natural and less harmful away of design.

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