Blog 7


Thus far in this sustainability course I feel that I have gained a lot of knowledge. What I have learned in this class I believe I will be able to take these innovative ideas and put them towards my future career.

Before this class I was not a sustainable person and I did not think about my actions and how they affect my surroundings and the world I live in. Something that I have tried changing about my everyday life is the amount that I drive during the day. I noticed that I drive a lot driving to and from school and then to work when in reality there are other options I could take to be more sustainable and to get around town. What I do three days out of the school week is I take the bus that my complex provides and it takes me to and from campus. After taking the bus for two weeks I not only have become sustainable but I have noticed that I am more relaxed when I get to school because I am able to sit, relax, and reflect on things. Not only am I helping my planet but I truly believe I am helping myself be healthy and positive.

What I enjoy most about this class is learning of all of the innovative ways we can relate sustainability to DHM. Although it is harder to find ways to relate this to merchandising I am finding it really interesting seeing how sustainability is connected to interior design and apparel design. One of my favorite classes thus far was the first round of LOLA presentations. I enjoyed hearing the groups explain the innovative ideas like the shark styled swimsuits.

I plan on changing more of my ways to become more sustainable throughout the rest of the semester and to make sure I keep up with my new ways.

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