Blog 7

My sustainable journey so far has been eye opening since I have been in this class. Now when I go about every day activities I think about them in a more sustainable way then I did before. For instance, my parents have been building a house out on some land and now when they go to add something to it or are about to install something I try and offer them the most sustainable options for them. I have made sure that all there lighting is LED bulbs so that they can last longer and I have suggested and they like the idea of putting solar panels on the building. They are also all about growing their own food now that they have great space for that. Before this class I may have suggested led bulbs but that probably would have been as far as I would have gone. I glad that I now think about being more sustainable on a daily basis. Something that is new to me that came as a surprise is how much of a positive impact incorporating nature into design can have on people and the surroundings that they are in. I feel that we can learn so much from nature and we should really incorporate it into all the aspects of design that we can. Some of the concepts that I have liked the most would include Biophilic design, getting communities incorporated in green design and gardens, and really learning about how there are simple ways that an everyday college student can incorporate sustainable practices that can truly make an impact.

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