Blog 7

Before I took this class I was already interested in sustainability. My whole life I have been eager to recycle and reuse objects for different purposes. However, when I got to college I started taking classes even before this one that introduced a whole new, elaborate world of sustainability. It means so much more than to just simply recycle.

The biggest challenge I have with sustainability is the fact that I am a fashion designer. Fashion in itself is basically the opposite of what it means. After I started learning about it I truly realized how big of a problem the fashion industry really is. I have considered changing the course of my career from just focusing on designing new things, to really having a sustainable mindset when doing so. I don’t want my work to further contribute to a wasteful industry. I want to make a change and be a good example for others.

So far I have really enjoyed learning about biophilic design. I love nature and have always felt a special connection to it. It was interesting to me to find out that there is really something to that. Incorporating nature into design just makes sense. Discussing it in class really opened my eyes to the benefits of it and the possibilities out there for designing with it in mind.

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