Blog 7

Over the last 8 weeks, I have learned a lot about sustainability. I have never studied it before or made an effort to learn about it. I also never realized how big of an issue it is in our world. Sustainability is applicable to all parts of life.  What I enjoyed most about this class is learning about biomimicry and biophilia. I have learned about biomimicry before and found it fascinating. Biomimicry is such an interesting way to use sustainability. I liked hearing about the bamboo made houses, the edible spoons, and the other examples. Biophilia is the love of living systems which is an important ideal to biomimicry and sustainability. These were my favorite parts of the class because I found it the most interesting and would like to use these concepts to create something in fashion.

A new concept to me was industrial ecology. I found it interesting as well. I like the presentation about the lab created leather how they took collagen cells and created leather without harming animals. Other parts of the class I enjoyed thus far was the design slam. I thought this activity was an innovative way to get everyone involved in creating something using these concepts. I have also learned about the issues in our major and all of the waste and other problems our industry creates. In every category of the process of making clothing, there were pollution or other harmful factors involved.

We watched a movie in the first few weeks that was very informative about sustainability. This movie was a true eye opening documentary. Something that was said that really drew my attention was the quote about how people spend all their time making money to buy things and consume them, and then working more to replace the items they consume. This quote really resonates with me. I have never thought about life in that way before. One of the reasons I chose my major is because my love for clothing, accessories, and shoes, etc. Of course it takes money to buy all of these items. Another topic I learned about in this movie was the quantity of problems in the world in relation to not being sustainable, such as deforestation, soil degradation, pollution in the ocean and more. Movies like these are helpful and beneficial to spread awareness of these issues. After learning all of this I hope to take what I learned into the industry when I get a job and also into the way I live my life. I hope to reduce waste and recycle and help the environment in ways that I can.

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