Coming To An End…

This week’s topic was wicked problems and ways forward, I felt as though this weeks’ topic was a little more uplifting than any of the other weeks’ topics we had discussed. There were many views of what we can do and how we can make our future sustainable and also have a better environment for all. The meditation this week was almost the usual; however, on Thursday it was longer in length and I often found myself wondering off and not paying attention. So, I have decided that out of all the meditation practices that we have done and I have experienced, my favorite would have to the labyrinth meditation we did outside. I found that it gave me a sense of feeling at home in the country because it had a very quiet surrounding with a few sounds like I here at home. Overall I thought the class was very interesting and intriguing and I never knew anything that we would be learning during the week. I loved getting to become aware of all of things we can do to fix our environment, but hated hearing how it was caused because most of it was caused by us as humans and more than half of us don’t even realize it is happening. I know now to keep everything I do in mind to make sure I am not being wasteful. I will recycle my water bottles, turn the water off while brushing my teeth, not throwing away clothes, but actually donating them since nothing is usually wrong with them. A huge thing I took in to consideration when I wrote my paper over fast fashion was how many clothes are wasteful because of the fashion seasons always constantly changing. I realize now I need to quit buying what is “in-style” all the time and try and get the use out of the clothing I already own, not only will I be more sustainable with clothes, but I will also save a ton of money which is really a good idea for a college student. The video at the end of this week’s class was also a lot more uplifting than beginning of it which we watched on the first day of class. Although it still had the negativity of all the harmful things going on throughout the world, it also provided positivity because it provided things we can do to fix the world overall. Once again, I now have an entirely new understanding of all of my surroundings and how others around the world are effected by my decision, and I will change my ways or at least try to. I also hope that more people do become aware because as it was said in the movie, “The more people are aware, the more they can do.”.

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