LEED the world to green

Last week in class we conversed a lot about global warming and going green. my title is a play on the word “lead”, because LEED is an enforcer of the rules in corporations, it’s basically a license to pollute. we talked about LEED when we discussed whether market or government had more of a role in polluting the earth, I believe that the government is more of a role, because honestly the government controls the market. But more importantly, some ways to conserve within the market government system would be reuse of buildings, multi-family homes, and building up not out.

in Wicked probs, i learned a lot more than i thought i would. I grew up in a very conservative, southern home, but i didn’t realize how hick i was until i took this class. Most of the topics we discussed scared the crap out of me because they were never really brought up in my house hold, so often I’m sure i came off as stand-offish. To prove my severity, my dad used to tell me that global warming was a cam used to scare people into ‘eatin veggies’, yes you guessed correctly if you said that quote with a southern accent. this class really opened my eyes to a whole new world and even though it scared me at first I’m glad i know the reality of our american industry, and many other wicked problem in the world.

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