My Journey

My journey so far has been pretty average I guess. I was already recycling and not throwing away clothes, so I thought I was already pretty sustainable. As the class has gone on I have learned more about what my industry is doing to change bad some habits. Also, it this class has been a slight eye opener that I could change some bad habits of my own to either save energy or reduce waste.

I really have not learned what, as a visual merchandiser, can do to be sustainable when it comes to window displays besides the obvious of saving props. With that said I feel a disconnection from the class. I am not saying that this class is not important, I am saying that to get an individual passionate about a movement it should be shown how they specifically can help. Even though I am learning a lot from what classmates have presented in class, I am still not getting excited. I am not excited enough that I would not share what I learned thus far with my next employer if the company was not practicing enough sustainable habits.

But, being in this class a new thing that I learned was that we are finding a new way to make leather so we are not wasting as much during production. I also think it’s pretty cool that we are looking at nature and animals for inspiration for housing and clothing.For example, the idea of not washing my clothes as much would be amazing if they were made from the lotus flower. I believe that this could save a lot of water and time to practice more ways of being sustainable at home. The concept that I connected most with is empathic design. Just designing the product with the consumer in mind could be the key of eliminating waste by satisfying a need that can last a long time and have a positive effect.


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