My Personal Sustainability Journey

Up until this class, I have had my eyes opened to how closed-minded I have been towards sustainability. Like many have said before, I grew up thinking sustainability simply meant reduce, reuse, and recycle. However, I have come to learn that it means so much more. It was also really interesting to learn on the first day of class that sustainability was never coined to fix or save the environment, but to better our usage of what the environment gives us so that we may be more efficient and also sustainable. We don’t want to reap the environment of every resource it has – we learned that the environment has been around since the beginning of time and has been through the reaper before and has still come out on the other side – because if we do, WE are the ones who will go down and die, not the other way around. Whether we realize it or not, we are dependent on the environment and its resources so we have to respect it in order to keep living. While it’s easy to say these things and expect change in the world, it is not going to be easy to make these transitions towards becoming more sustainable in our daily lives and communities since we are so used to the way we currently operate our lives. I believe if we make baby steps in the right direction towards sustainability, we will inch our way to an overall more sustainable way of life. However, that is not an excuse to stay complacent in the three R’s way of life – we need to continually progress towards the 100% sustainable way of life.

I am starting to get really excited to progress my profession and even my day to day life towards a more sustainable practice. One theory that has always interested me, even in problem solving, was biomimicry. It is one thing to support biophilia, with just bringing natural elements into an interior space in order to strengthen a person’s well-being, but it is a step further to draw inspiration from nature in order to alter the way we create things to become more sustainable. How cool is that! I wrote a paper for a class one time that drew from the squid and its ability to change colors in order to camouflage and put this idea into a theory for clothing so that clothes can change appearance which ideally eliminates the need for as much clothing. Obviously nature has something going for it since it can virtually make it through anything, so the fact that we have finally come to terms that we can and should draw inspiration from the way nature operates so that we, too, can learn to survive anything that comes our way.

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