Spend less, Have less, Love more

I didn’t have any real interest in sustainability until I began researching it for a personal project. The more I investigated the more interesting it became to me. For me, everything was new. I began to really dig into the motives and causes behind why sustainability isn’t encouraged as apparel design. I currently have a great interest in sustainability, however, I feel like I am just beginning to apply that knowledge to my personal life and how I make, buy, and use products. The coolest concept for me so far was introduced to me by Dr. Armstrong. She talked to me about her interest in how style influences sustainable decisions. I think that coupled with the concept of changing the way people shop for clothes is a very cool concept for me, and one I’m still figuring out in my own life even as an apparel designer. I think that concept has a very big impact on not only our view of ourselves, but also on how we spend money and view our closet. Viewing each piece in my closet as a love relationship is just a great idea. Spend less, have less, love more. Such a spectacular concept.

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