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Empathic Design
Empathic design is crucial to designers who are wanting to make their designs accessible to all and who are wanting to grow as designers. Personally, I know I need to employ empathic design into my work because the population is aging, which means I need to know my client and how to make my designs work for people who have different needs than I do. Empathic design can be hard because it requires a lot of effort and a lot of communication with end-users, but I believe it is worth the work. Empathic design connects you to other people and ensures usability.

Affective and Cognitive Constructs
Affective constructs relate to feelings and cognitive constructs relate to thoughts. A time when I was extremely happy like the baby eating cake, would be when I got my dog as a puppy almost 3 years ago. He makes everyday better and I cannot imagine my life without him.

Oldest Item
I brought in my tap shoes to class. I grew up tap dancing and continued it as my major in college for a couple years before transferring to Oklahoma State. Tap dancing has always been my favorite style of dancing and I miss doing it regularly. I hope to be able to take class again someday when I am out of college. It is a wonderful way to work out but it is also a lot of fun creating rhythms and seeing what you can do with your feet.

3 Methodologies РDesigning with People
1. Day in the Life – This method includes following a person around for several days and noting what they do during these days to gauge what a typical day is like for them. This method can be hard because it requires a lot of time and the person you are following could behave differently because of your presence.
2. Interview – This is one of the most common methods of understanding people and is used in many other methods. One of the most effective ways to begin a study for empathic design.
3. Questionnaire – This method is a quick and easy method to get both qualitative and quantitative data. Open ended and structured questions can give a variety of answers as well.

Design Probe Package
For our Design Probe client, we found that she was a genuinely happy person who liked experiencing new things but also enjoyed her own space and escaping the busy day in a safe and comforting space. Because of this we created a mood board for a dream dorm room which incorporated many of her favorite things as indicated by her probe package such as fall scents, a dog bed, and natural textures in the cork board that also allow for hanging photos. Not being able to talk to the client we were designing for was difficult because we had to make assumptions and inferences off what they told us, which is not always the full picture. This project showed me the importance of working with clients and using their insight while creating designs.

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