Blog 8

I believe empathic design is important as a designer. You want your client to have a positive feeling toward the space or product you are providing them. The baby enjoying the cake is how a person should feel about a piece of clothing or their new bedroom. I brought my engagement ring to class. I believe it is the most valuable item because it represents my other half and the person I love. It is a symbol for what we promise each other every day.

The three methodologies that stood out to me were type of interaction, designing for, with or by people and input and output. Type of interaction stood out to me because it focuses on analyzing and observing the person. Designing for, with or by people stood out because it lets the person design on their own, but you guide them. Input and output was interesting because it focuses on what you put in to the project and compares to the rewards.

The design probes package was an interesting activity. We developed a store that would fit a minimalist style with a sustainable and organic mind. I learned how to incorporate someone’s day-to-day activities into their actual personality.

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