Blog 9:

Blog 9


In learning community four I liked the presentation over “Biophilia in Sage Glass”. A company saw a problem within everyday functions and came up with a creative solution for that- they saw an issue and solved it. The issue they saw was that many individuals do not enjoy being at work due to the typical stereotype of office settings, which is spending too much time indoors and not outdoors. Sage glass is an electronically tintable glass that gives users full control over the sun with a touch of a button or letting it be automatically. (Visual light transmission and solar heat gain). This sage glass manages solar glare and heat gain to allow people to feel like they’re apart of the outdoors and gives connection to nature with human beings by reducing energy consumption, it promotes sustainability- which is what we’re all about doing- and eliminates the constant cleaning. It is already being used in tall buildings like skyscrapers, but will be used in many work places. I would LOVE an automatic tintable glass on the windows at my job. It’s already hassle trying to mess and adjust blinds to make sure they’re all going the same way, either up or down and not a jumbled up mess or going over and pulling down these window blockers we have because you know that takes too much energy. This would definitely be a great idea, no doubt about it either. I hope to see this in the near future especially if it’s going to be affordable for companies to invest in for their employees.


In learning community five the idea of Ecovative by using the design of cradle to cradle was intriguing. It’s compostable and you can shred it up and recycle it. It is also used from mycelia which are mushroom roots that act like a glue. (I’m starting to see how amazing ideas are when we incorporate nature or food that is natural and won’t harm us. Mushrooms are being used a lot in many aspects like a mushroom suit for people who have died to decompose their bodies naturally into the world, but I mean that’s beside the point, I just wanted to give another example.) Myco board is bio fabricated and is formed from engineered wood and mycelium grown. It is VERY safe, healthy, strong, machinable and fire resistant and can be coated or laminated. Can be used for furniture, panels, door cores, cabinetry, and anything that needs to be custom made. It is cheaper as well and performs better than plastic and is better for the planet-thus making it very sustainable and eco-friendly.


In learning community six I loved the idea of Marmoleum. A more upgraded, modernized word for this time period from the older term “Linoleum”- out with the old, in with the new. Linoleum is an old concept popular in the 1950s that can be found in your grandmother/grandfather or great grandmother/father’s kitchen, but the company “Forbo” came up with the updated word “Marmoleum” because it’s made from natural materials and is very popular now- can use it to make intricate designs, has many different colors, and can be applied easily by anyone. Marmoleum consists of oil from flax seeds, wood and cork flous and jute. The company that founded it is based in Switzerland, but trinkled its way to the United States by having a manufacturing plant here in North Carolina. Granted yes, it is more expensive than Lineolum, but very cheap. It can withstain any damage and doesn’t discolor or come apart, very clean and very healthy to put anywhere in the house- easy instructions.

After seeing the video and all of the colors that it comes in, I now want some to be installed in my apartment. All those different color names and different design patterns, you can make any room look so different from before. It can withstain discoloration and damage- WHATTTTTTT!- that is crazy cool, because like any floor pieces, it will be discolored by anything. I would love to see this in apartment models or showrooms somewhere. Seems very sustainable and efficient.


The more LOLA show presentations I see and learn about, I get so entitled to having my own idea and creating something of my own. You can really create anything and go with the flow and upgrade it or tweak it a bit over time. Makes me think that I need to start pushing my boundaries and go higher for my dreams and aspirations.


Human Needs

The MaxNeef matrix is a taxonomy of human needs and motivations that help us to reflect deeply on the industry, design practice and ourselves. What stood out to me about this matrix was that his taxonomy identifies fundamental human needs and satisfiers to capture real needs specific to place and community, but VERY specific about it to the point where it is correct to the exactness- do not know if “exactness” is a word, but I’m using it, so go with it.

In the process of having (how much is enough?) I agree with his quote on “You never know what is enough, unless you know what is more than enough”. Everybody and I mean everybody always says that more is better, but then from the Charmin Ultra commercial they say “less is more”, but we are so confused and manipulated on this quote that we are forced to believe that having more is better- more money, better for you because you seem to be happy- we are backwards as a nation on this concept because it’s eating us alive and making us instead of us making it.


Doing is (enabling action) because as humans we see objects as physical manifestations of how we humans interpret and shape our world to reflect who we are as individuals. When we possess something we have physical control over it so we assume that we have power- clothes and objects give us a social status, identity, and aspiration.


Being is (clothing as nurturer). Clothing will always be apart of us in our daily lives as human beings. A garment may represent a symbol of social status to one person, or to another a period of personal growth because no two people respond to a garment or even the same garment in the same way.

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