Blog 8

This week in sustainability we had LOLA show presentations on Tuesday and then discussed human needs on Thursday. The LOLA show presentations this week were very interesting of course. Melissa Lies presented on an architectural and interior wall material that is made out of re-purposed bark. It was interesting to see how the bark could be used for interior and exterior applications. This company is very specific on where and what tree are chosen. Another presentation we learned about jelly fish housing that was presenting by Heidi Greeson. She discussed an ecosystem type house that is shaped and inspired by jelly fish. But Mallory Mayberry’s was the most fascinating to me! She presented on the subject of pocket parks which are small parks placed on vacant lots in urban areas. They create a getaway from the city life and provide people with an escape. The pocket parks Mallory presented on were stunning!


Thursday we learned about Human Needs in all types of design. The MaxNeef matrix is a matrix that provides activities, items, emotional needs, etc. of different elements of a personals life (like understand, leisure, creation). What stood out to me in the MaxNeef matrix was how accurate it fit to my life. When I look at the chart next to participation all of the aspects relate to things that are important to me and my personal needs. The chart compartmentalizes human’s physical, emotional, and mental needs. A project that I have seen or heard about that is related to human needs is actually the current project we are working on in studio. The project is a renovation of an Adult Day Center. This chart is much needed when it comes to the needs and wants of the participants at this center.

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