Lola Shows

Lola Show

The first Lola show I want to reflect on is the one about the tree bark that was taken from trees already being planned to be cut down and repurposed for interior and exterior wall decoration. At the beginning I thought that they were cutting down these trees for the sole purpose of using the bark for decoration, but to know that they just wanted to give the bark a use when the tree was going to cut regardless made me able to appreciate their project.

The tinted glass Lola show is another that stood out to me, first because I think the idea is genius. Especially in work environments, skyscrapers, that are majority glass structures. This allows people to control the amount of natural light that comes into their work place and I think that opens up new possibilities for work environments if the employees had the control over natural vs synthetic lighting.

The last Lola show I want to discuss is the Pocket Parks. Again, I just loved this idea. I believe they are serving such an important need that people may not have known existed. Heavy populated areas like New York City have utilized most of their space for residential housing and businesses and failed to keep many natural elements like parks present. Pocket Parks took use of empty lots that were neglected and turned them into mini parks, with greenery, water and relaxing elements that allow New Yorkers a sense of nature in a city that is surrounded by industrialization.

Human Needs

The MaxNeef Matrix relates heavily to human needs and behaviors. What stood out about the matrix to me was its relation to empathic design and how specific it was to design methods. It is interesting how we choose the human needs to design for and this would be another method of determining what it is that has a need for a new, innovative design. Having, Doing and Being refers to each need as in having (things), being (qualities) and doing (qualities) which are all aspects we take into consideration when we are designing for the needs of another person. I am very interested in empathic design because, though I am merchandising, I think it it such an important concept to view someones problems and using your abilities as a designer and creative thinker to create something that could improve their lifestyle or even quality of life.


I believe there are several projects out there based on human needs. The First Baptist Church of Tulsa has a clothing charity that collects gently used clothing for the homeless of Tulsa. Homelessness is a big problem in downtown Tulsa and there is actually a huge need for socks and shoes, as they tend to walk and move around daily and more than others, they wear into their socks and shoes faster than we do. The charity is trying to combat the homeless’s need for socks, shoes, and appropriate clothing to get them through the season, whether it be coats for the winter or lighter clothing during the summer. Charity work in general is moving to me. It is a realization that there¬†are good people in the world that are happy to take time out of their day or even devote their lives to people in need.

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