Away is a place!

~I enjoyed the Lola Shows, my favorite one was when Elisabeth informed us on interface biophillic carpet. This product is definitely something that our market needs. The designs they produced reflected that of nature. The product is sustainable in that it is placed piece by piece, such a great concept.

~Sarah’s Lola Show about Sky Factory Lights was interesting, she explained how peace and balance can be achieved through lighting. The installations are pure and increase productivity within the environment they are placed. I think its unique in that they are supposed to effect the illusion of nature.

~ My third Lola Show I am going to reflect on is re-purposed bark. Melissa explained that bark can be used for architectural interior wall material. I think this concept is so unique in the way that it is re-purposed and 100% recyclable. Throughout these presentations I have learned that I can use biophillic design to spark my creative process.

The MaxNeef matrix is a chart that explains doing, having, interacting, and being and how they correlate with subsistence, protection, affection, understanding, participation, leisure, creation, identity and freedom. The chart is informative and shows the relationship between peoples thoughts and actions. Having, doing and being are three very related things. I find these to play off of one another; this chart can be very useful when it comes to trying to help people relate to themselves. In my opinion I think a lot of what people have can tend to help them identify themselves or help them relate to people (I don’t necessarily like that people do that). Doing is an action, this tells a lot about peoples personality. Being, I see these as qualities that make up people.

A project that I have seen is recycling textiles. The site was quoted saying, “Americans throw away 85% of clothes they don’t want anymore”. This really moves me because we can being doing so much more than we are. Away is a place and we need to recognize that. We can take those clothing and re-make things out of them. Fast fashion needs to SLOW down.

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